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Canal Montour


The photo above shows Havana (Montour Falls) around 1862. In the foreground is the
double bowstring canal bridge. The canal went through the town where the post is now
located. The large building on the left is the Montour House built in 1854. It still stands in
the village.

Montour Canal Bridge

This old photo shows the canal bridge in Havana (Montour Falls). There was a sign
along the top side of the building that said "Watch Out For the Cars." The railroad
tracks were just beyond the bridge, so the warning was for people crossing the bridge
to not go too fast or they could get hit by a train.


Montour West Hill

This is another photo of Montour Falls. The canal is visible in the picture.
The bridge that can be seen carried traffic from South Street over the canal.

Spill Lock Picture

Lock 49, also known as the Spill Lock. This was in Elmira and it was the last lock on
the canal. It was not used much since the river level was often too low to accommodate
canal traffic.

Feeder Dam

The photo above shows the dam on the Chemung River at Gibson. The seven foot
dam supplied much of the water for the Chemung Canal, which was let into the
Feeder Canal by the Guard Lock nearby. When the river level is low in the summer
remains of the dam are still visible in the river.


The Guard Lock

Above is a photo of the Guard Lock at Gibson near the dam. The photo
reveals that the condition of the wooden locks was often not good.


guard lock and bridge

This photo, taken around 1870, shows the Guard Lock in the foreground
and the dam can be seen in the upper right.



Toll Collector Office

Canal boats on the Chemung Canal had to pay tolls. The photo above shows
the toll collectors office (red arrow) located in Horseheads where the
Feeder Canal joined the main canal, which is where the Horseheads fire station
is today.